Missouri Becomes the 34th “Shall Issue” CCW State

In opposition to the fiasco going on in Canada, the right priviledge of Americans to carry weapons for self defense continues to widen, as the Missouri legislature overturned the Governor’s veto and passed “shall issue” CCW legislation. Two states, Vermont and – just recently – Alaska do not require permits for concealed-carry. In those states, it’s a RIGHT. Nine states, California, Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Hawaii are “May Issue” states – which means: “If you’ve got some pull with a government official or are a celebrity, you might get a permit. Pizza delivery drivers need not apply.”

The states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska and Kansas do not allow concealed carry, though Wisconsin and Ohio are now considering it.

The folks at JoinTogether, The Brady Campaign, VPC et al. must have heartburn.

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