Not In My Back Yard – or Anybody Else’s Either!

Arizona recently suffered through a gas shortage because a pipeline that runs gasoline from Texas to Phoenix through Tucson ruptured. Aside from the problem of tens of thousands of gallons of spilled gasoline, the pipeline was down for a considerable period of time. This affected prices not only in Arizona, but in California as well as gasoline was shipped by truck from there to Arizona to help cover the loss.

So, why am I not surprised to find that a proposed refinery in Arizona is being fought by environmentalists?

John Moore of Useful Fools has done a bang-up job of investigative journalism on the subject. Seems that the site of this proposed refinery violates the doctrine of “environmental racism.” Yes, the 33 people living within four miles of the site include five blacks and five Indians.

As John points out, this would be the first refinery built in the U.S. for 25 years, and would cost $2.5 billion to construct. You can bet your ass that Mobile, AZ wouldn’t be just a wide spot in the road anymore.

If you’re an “environmentalist” you can’t have that.

Go read the whole thing. You won’t be seeing it in the major media.

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