More Political Cartoons

It beats writing another essay (which I’m fermenting in my mind even now…)

Robert Arial (The State, SC) comments on Congress’ reaction to the $87B reconstruction package for Iraq:

John Cole of the Durham (NC) Herald-Sun puts a bit more pop-culture spin on it.

But you’ll note that Congress isn’t quite as hated as Mr. Bartman.

Mike Ramirez (who remains about the only good thing about the LA Times) makes an accurate and pithy comment on the ACLU’s choice of what they defend and what they attack:

And another on China’s space program (which I comment on below:)

Jim Day of the Las Vegas Review Journal is a bit more pointed in his comment on that topic:

Randy Bish of the Pittsburg Review-Tribune puts a more comical spin on it:

Chip Bok of the Akron Beacon Journal comments on Rush Limbaugh’s addiction. (See? I told you it would be interesting!)

Dick Wright of the Columbus (OH) Dispatch comment (at some risk to his job?) on media bias:

And finally, Clay Bennet of the Christian Science Monitor does too:

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