Either You Guys are Goofing Off at Work, or…

Another check of Sitemeter shows that some government employees are goofing off on the public dime (or should I be worried that they’re not goofing off??? 😉 )

Just this morning I’ve had four visits from NIPR.mil (total time about 50 minutes), one from army.mil, and one from the Department of Justice servers. I often get visits from uscourts.gov, too. I’ve gotten visits from Sandia National Labratories, and a number of other .gov sites.

Get back to work, you slackers!

(Just kidding.)

UPDATE: I hope you were on your lunch break! According to Sitemeter, someone from the Argonne National Labs (anl.gov) spent 35 minutes perusing four pages of this blog around lunchtime. Welcome! Now get back to work! (I actually do support much government sponsored research, which explains why the Libertarians would never have me.)

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