Some People Aren’t Taking the California Recall Election Well

If you’ve never spent any time at the cesspit known as (not a hotlink on purpose), I certainly don’t recommend it, though with the right frame of mind it can be entertaining and even educational. For example these threads: (Cut-n-paste if you want to go there, but bear in mind that they censor viciously at times.)


F–K Jay Leno

He is introducing Arnold at his “victory speech”??? This is what CNN is reporting.

That crosses the line. I will never watch his show again. NBC, is this allowable?

“Allowable?” Never heard of freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? Sounds like you want censorship.


California! The State of Fools!

AND please California DU’ers…don’t say it’s not so…. 10 million of your fellow CA’ers just went out and voted in a total fool Republican… Shame on you California, Shame on You!

What about democracy and the will of the people? Largest voter turnout in 21 years and they boot Grey and vote in Arnie. Isn’t the democratic process supposed to reflect the will of the people?

Oh! But the majority are fools! I see. So the annointed minority (who, according to the Democratic Party have a hard time understanding how to use a punch-card ballot) are supposed to pick the rulers.


Um, how’s that again?


Boycott California if Arnold takes over!!

They are going to put money in CA, it needs to be off set. People in CA against recall boycott your own state as much as possible.

Yeah! You exercised your right to recall a bad DEMOCRAT governor! Stab yourself in the eye! That’ll help!

There’s LOTS more, but I’ll close with this jewel:


It is painfully clear democracy is DEAD in America

Hate to say it, but it’s true. And this is just the beginning.

The Diebold machines and punchcards lent an easy victory to the billionaire in Enron’s pocket. Who knows what his share of the spoils will be but we all know that the only thing that Arnold worships (beside his ego and Hitler) is cold, hard cash.

People of California, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? You were our shining hope of being a model of liberal tolerance, open-mindedness, environmentalism and socio-economic justice. Now you’re throwing it away to elect a groping satyr with a bad accent as your leader. I weep for our future.

Let’s see: According to Constitutional rules a recall petition was successfully pursued. In accordance with the law as set forth in that said Constitution, (judicial end-run attempt notwithstanding) a recall election took place with (apparently) much higher voter turnout than for the original gubernatorial election. A majority of voters rejected the sitting governor (democratically) and a majority voted in another candidate (democratically).

I don’t know…

That reminds me of…

What was that word?


“A groping satyr?” I wasn’t aware that Wm. J. Clinton was even on the ballot…

Oh! You mean you actually believed that last-minute desperation hatchet job? How gullible! (But then you are a DU poster.)

What I don’t get is whether this guy thinks Arnie won because of rigged Diebold machines or that moronic Californians just voted wrong on purpose.

Finally, let me analyse his anguished cry:

liberal tolerance – Oxymoron. Liberals only tolerate people who believe exactly as they do.

open-mindedness – Ditto. Don’t confuse ’em with facts. Their mind is made up.

environmentalism – PETA, Earth-First, eco-terrorism, Kyoto-worshipping, etc. Actual science need not apply.

and socio-economic justice. – Making sure everyone is equally miserable.

I don’t “weep for our future,” but I’m glad this guy is. The future he wants gives me the willies.

(Lots more frothing-at-the-mouth over there, but I try to limit my exposure.)

UPDATE: Right Wing News had a stronger stomach than I and did more extensive surfing in the DU cesspit.

There’s the makings of an entire essay right there. Just gotta find time to write it.

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