Here’s an Interesting Quote from a Law Enforcement Officer

From the Rockford Register Star, (Rockford, Illinois)

Cache of weapons found at residence

ROCKTON — A man who shot at the owner of a pizzeria because his pizza was delivered late Sunday was housing a small arsenal.

Police seized 45 handguns, 21 rifles, several hundred rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest, two black ski masks and suspected narcotics from Robert Moye’s home Wednesday night.

Yeah, even I would call that a small “arsenal.” But that’s not the money quote. Read on.

The Winnebago County state’s attorney office issued a warrant Thursday for Moye’s arrest, and the Rockton Police Department displayed the impressive haul of mostly military-style assault weapons.

“In 22 years of law enforcement, this is the largest amount of weapons I’ve been involved with,” Rockton Police Chief Steve Dickson said.

Representatives from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Drug Enforcement Administration and an Illinois State Police crime lab technician helped catalog the weapons.

“Very few of these weapons have hunting applications,” said Rockton police officer Ron Dippel, eyeing an Air-15, similar to the military’s M-16 assault rifle. “Home defense. That’s the only reason for having weapons like that.”

Holy s&!t Batman! A COP said that?!?

“The bulletproof vest is particularly disturbing,” Dickson said. “They’re supposed to be hard to get.”

Moye, 45, of 901 Armstrong Ave., owner of Goldie’s Tattoo & Body Piercing parlors in Rockford and Lake Geneva, Wis., was first arrested on a charge of unlawful discharge of a firearm late Sunday for allegedly shooting at Sam’s Pizza owner Tony Pipitone and his cook, Santiago Rivera.

Moye bonded out of jail early Monday. He turned himself in again Thursday night and faces a charge of unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

His new bond was set at $200,000.

Now, this is ILLINOIS, where in order to purchase a gun or ammo you have to have a FIREARM OWNER ID CARD, and this guy is apparently a FELON who has acquired 45 handguns and 21 rifles.

Boy, that Illinois gun control really works, doesn’t it?

Just about as well as the Chicago handgun ban.

But I can’t get over that even cops are now saying (and newspapers reporting!) that military-style semi-auto’s are “Home defense” rifles!

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