The War on…Bologna?

This is too weird not to comment on:

Cops seize 756 pounds of smuggled bologna

November 25, 2003 (EL PASO, Texas) — Border agents last week landed a meaty bust, seizing 756 pounds of bologna arranged into the shape of a car seat and covered with blankets in a man’s pickup.

Marijuana I can understand. But lunchmeat?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 81 rolls of Mexican bologna Friday at the Paso Del Norte bridge as the pickup entered the United States.

“It puts the ultimate consumer at risk,” said customs spokesman Roger Maier. “Who knows how long these products have gone without refrigeration or without proper handling?”

Proper handling? Somebody sculpted them into the shape of a car seat!

Children were sitting on top of the illegal load before it was discovered, Maier said. The rear seat had been removed from the extended-cab pickup and the bologna was put in its place.

Eeewww! Anybody know where those kids had been? Think about it: 500 cases of Hepatitis from green onions…

He said the agency plans to pursue civil penalties against the Mexican man driving the truck. Maier said the agency won’t release the man’s name until the case goes to trial.

Maier said the bologna goes for about $1 a roll in Juarez. When it is sold to a customer in the United States, it can go for between $5 and $10 a roll , he said.

Just wait until cigarette taxes go just a bit too high….

Oh, right.

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