It’s Small of Me, I Know…

But I can’t wait to listen to the Democrats – especially the Deep Space Nine – froth at the mouth about this:

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Troops in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Turkey with the commander in chief was a surprise Thanksgiving treat for American troops in Baghdad Thursday.

President Bush flew in under the cover of darkness to dine with U.S. forces at a Baghdad International Airport mess hall. It was the first trip ever by an American president to Iraq — a mission tense with concern about his safety.

With the president out of sight, L. Paul Bremer, the chief U.S. civilian administrator, told the soldiers it was time to read the president’s Thanksgiving proclamation and that it was a task for the most senior official present.

“Is there anybody back there more senior than us?” he asked. That was the cue for Bush, who promptly stepped forward from behind a curtain, setting off pandemonium among the troops.

“I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere,” Bush joked to some 600 soldiers from the 1st Armored Division and the 82nd Airborne Division, who were stunned by the appearance and applauded wildly while giving Bush a standing ovation.

“Thanks for inviting me. I can’t think of finer folks to have Thanksgiving dinner with than you all.”

“We thank you for your service, we’re proud of you, and America stands solidly behind you,” Bush said. And he urged the people of Iraq to “seize the moment and rebuild your great country based on human dignity and freedom.”

Soldiers at the dinner spoke enthusiastically about Bush.

“He’s got to win in ’04. No one else can prosecute this war like he can,” said Army Capt. John Morrison from Butler County, Pa. Said PFC1 Kyle Crittenden of Humboldt County, Calif.: “I’m proud to serve in his Army.”

I imagine that Hillary is a bit peeved about being upstaged.

And they keep calling Bush an idiot.

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