Only in New Jersey (for now)

New Jersey farmer Dennis Pryslak was convicted of possessing an “assault weapon” after an incident at his farm store in which Pryslak pulled his firearm when one of his employees was arguing with a customer. The article is quite lacking in detail, but it does say this:

State police investigating the incident discovered that the gun is considered a prohibited assault weapon in New Jersey, authorities said.

The semi-automatic gun comes with an ammunition magazine capable of holding 17 bullets. In New Jersey, guns with magazines that hold more than 15 bullets are considered assault weapons, authorities said.

Defense Attorney Jack Cornish argued that his client bought the gun from a friend and didn’t know it was an assault weapon.

Warren County Assistant Prosecutor Steven Siegel cited a 1997 state Appellate Division ruling that essentially puts the onus on gun owners to know whether or not a particular gun is banned in New Jersey.

Anyone want to bet what it was?

Now, explain to me please how a 15 round magazine in this pistol makes it not an “assault weapon,” but a 17 round magazine in it does.

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