One More Dividend from the War on (some) Drugsā„¢

Yup. The police raided a high-school, weapons drawn, and searched everybody in a hallway (that, of course, had Big Brother cameras installed.)

“They would go put a gun up to them, push them against the wall, take their book bags and search them,” Aaron Sims, 14, told CNN affiliate WCSC. “They just came up and got my friend, not even saying anything or what was going to happen. … I was scared.”

Sims said his mother was “a little angry,” but his father understood and “thought it was necessary.”

I’d be fucking outraged. Necessary my ass. The decades-long “War on Drugs” has brought us to this?

Police monitored video from school surveillance cameras for several days and “observed consistent, organized drug activity,” he said. “Students were posing as lookouts and concealing themselves from the cameras.”

Great. Then arrest those students. Instead we get Gestapo tactics.

Anytime narcotics and money are involved he said there is “the reasonable assumption that weapons will be involved. … Our primary concern was the safety of the students (and) everyone else involved.”

&ltsarcasm&gtBut, but guns are not allowed in school! How could any of the students be armed?&lt/sarcasm&gt

Jared Weeks, 14, told WCSC that police were aggressive.

“They kind of pushed us against the wall and started searching us,” Weeks said. “I didn’t think all that was called for.”

Weeks said he was “kind of nervous,” but not scared “because I didn’t have anything to hide.”

I have news for you, Jared: The State often doesn’t care whether you have anything to hide or not.

One more time: If there’s any way you can swing it – HOME SCHOOL

UPDATE: This incident reminded me of something. Back in May, shortly after I started this blog, I came across this video clip of a Las Vegas PD officer negligently discharging her sidearm, very nearly shooting either a suspect being restrained, the officer restraining him, or both. I checked. The link is still good.

Watch that and tell me that the kids in that school hall were in no danger.

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