More Benign Government Action

This has been making the rounds since Drudge posted it, but it goes along well with my recent theme.

Seems 89 year-old Helen Shue managed to miss one (1) tax payment on her 41 acre farm – appraised at a value of $800,000 – and it wasn’t because she didn’t try to pay, but because she didn’t pay with a certified check or money order. (Coincidentally, that’s the way you have to pay when you apply for a gun permit in NYC, too.)

So they sold her farm at auction to cover the tax liability.

Eight-hundred thousand dollar appraised value.

It went for $15,000.

To a developer.

The payed but not accepted tax?


Only through the actions of an anonymous informant was anyone in her family notified before the Sheriff came to evict her.

Yup, government for the benefit of the governed. As long as the governed keep a gimlet eye on them.

We appear to have fallen down on the job. Isn’t it past time to pick ourselves up and go back to it?

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