The Brits Remain Clueless About the Failure of Gun Control

The Brits Remain Clueless About the Failure of Gun Control

At least according to this BBC report. They blame the internet and the postal system as a source of guns (which it very well may be, but how big a source?).

There are lots of interesting links on that page too. Like this one about the recently ended “gun amnesty” where some 43,908 guns and 1,039,358 rounds of ammunition were handed in.

Now, understand that all legally owned firearms and ammunition are registered. All handguns are banned.

And 43,908 firearms (no information, but you can bet very, very few were registered) were turned in.

And we’re supposed to believe that they were turned in by violent or potentially violent criminals. But according to this story, it didn’t affect the inner cities – which is where the violence is occurring.

So this tells me a couple of things: One, there are a lot of people in England who have (or did have) illegal guns and ammunition, so there is or was a significant amount of civil disobedience regarding these laws. Two, these people aren’t the ones the government needed to worry about. The people the government needs to worry about didn’t hand their guns in.

There were also some interesting bits of data provided in an internal link. I will present them below without comment:

Well no more comment than this: Gun control does not disarm those people willing to commit violent crime. It only disarms their potential victims.

UPDATE: Ravenwood notes that the Brits are also blaming Ebay.

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