Someone at the LA Times Must be Off Their Meds

They’ve published another pro-gun op-ed! (Username: Newslinks; Password: Newslinks.)

Quick excerpt:

Please bear with me. I am an Alaskan, and Alaskans, for better or worse, are given to looking down on the rest of the nation. We mean no offense; it is just in our nature, and because of our place on this Earth, which leads us to be confused from time to time when we visit the Lower 48.

I am puzzled now by the strange way people here are dealing with mountain lions — which is to say, letting them kill you.

Why would anyone go into mountain lion country without the means to protect themselves from attack? I notice the police are armed. The wardens and rangers are armed. Indeed, anyone with any clue where they are would be armed.

Hell, that’s easy: It’s against the law in California. Normal Californians aren’t qualified. It requires a government paycheck in order for a resident of California to be trusted with a gun.

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