And pleased about it! Esme of word gets around informs me in a comment that you can see individuals fighting crime in England.

Homeless heroine foils robbers

A BRAVE Big Issue seller foiled a bank robbery by wrestling one of the attackers to the ground.

Kerry Crank, 35, held the thug in a bear hug as he fled with £2,000 from Birmingham Midshire building society as terrified customers looked on.

A female student then leapt on the man and helped Kerry pin him to the pavement.

Other shoppers, including an elderly woman, joined in as police raced to the scene.

Kerry said today: “I saw the first man run off and then the other robber ran past me. I just grabbed him.

“He was struggling because he had the cash and was shouting at me. Another girl, a student who was American, was helping me keep him there and in the end there was me and a load of other women holding onto him.”

He managed to break away but was trapped by two police who arrived at the scene.

Kerry, who has been homeless for around four years, said: “We were all really shocked afterwards but I just acted in a split second.”

There’s more to the story, but that’s the heart of it. There is, of course, the obligatory “citizens shouldn’t do this” warning, but still.

Ms. Kerry most probably need have no fear of a civil suit for use of excessive force.

It’s nice to know they’ve still got it in them. At least the ladies do. (They tend to be more pragmatic and less likely to put up with idiocy, I’ve found.)

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