Another Incident You Won’t See in England

A man attempted to rob a bank yesterday in Spokane, Washington. “Attempted” being the operative word.

Instead of getting away with the cash, he was jumped by the customers in another “pack not a herd” action:

A customer hit the robber and took him to the floor. Customers took his gun, and he was held until police arrived. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and examination, and is under arrest by Spokane Police.

Unsurprisingly, the robber had a long record – twelve previous convictions, and he was a registered sex offender.

Would this be “Thirteenth strike, and you’re OUT!”?

(As an aside, this was the ONLY reference to this story found on Google. Guess the other media outlets are waiting for the Spokane Police Dept. spokesman to release a statement advising the sheep citizenry not to attempt anything similar since we’re not qualified.)

Want to reduce crime? FIGHT BACK!

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