I Love Numrich Gun Parts!

Remember my 1917 Enfield? (Manufactured by Winchester in 1918!) Well, at the last AR15.com shoot in Casa Grande, it stopped ejecting reliably. Turns out, the ejector wasn’t. It’s supposed to be spring loaded, but it was obvious the spring was a goner, and as a result, the ejector wouldn’t hold its position. Well, Numrich Gun Parts to the rescue! One ejector for the 1917 Enfield for $12.85 is on its way with just a few clicks of a mouse. Hopefully it will get here before next Sundays John C. Garand match at the Tucson Rifle Club. It would be tough to get off 10 rounds in 70 seconds if the rifle doesn’t eject.

Man, a part for an 86 year-old gun purchased in Arizona over the internet from a vendor in (spit!) New York, at 7:00 PM Mountain time.

What a neat time to be living!

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