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Rich from Shots Across the Bow has an outstanding post up on “…(W)hy I’ve decided to arm myself after 40 years of going unarmed.” Money quotes:

Because until now, I’ve had very young children in the house, and the risk/reward calculation said it was better to rely on the law of averages than to a gun. Crime is fairly low and I live in a safe area. The chances of something happening where I might need a gun were very low, so the value of having guns around the house was also very low. At the same time, because I had small children in the house, there was also an appreeciable risk of a real tragedy. In my opinion, the reward (increased ability to defend myself and my family), was outweighed by the potential danger (a child getting ahold of a gun). Add to that reasoning the steps needed to make a gun at home safe from a child (unloaded, trigger-locked, and locked away) and the gun would be virtually useless in an emergency situation.

Excellent logic.

Last week, I started a discussion on my personal philosophy. In the process, I started thinking about the implications of some of my basic assumptions, particularly the first one, about maximizing freedom. Freedom carries a price along with it; responsibility. If I want a small, unobtrusive government, then I have to shoulder much of the burden of my own existence. I’m responsible for earning a living, paying my taxes, paying for my medical care, and so on.

I also must shoulder at least some of the responsibility for my own protection.

OUTSTANDING! Given all the pertinent information, he has made the right decision for him!

Read the whole thing.

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