Bullet Hoses, Eh?

According to the Violence Policy Center:

All assault weapons—military and civilian alike—incorporate specific features that were designed to provide a specific military combat function. That military function is laying down a high volume of fire over a wide killing zone, also known as “hosing down” an area. Civilian assault weapons keep the specific design features that make this deadly spray-firing easy. These features also distinguish assault weapons from traditional sporting firearms.

“Spray-firing” from the hip, a widely recognized technique for the use of assault weapons in certain combat situations, has no place in civil society.

Civilian assault weapons keep the specific functional design features that make this deadly spray-firing easy.

The most significant assault weapon functional design features are: (1) ability to accept a high-capacity ammunition magazine, (2) a rear pistol or thumb-hole grip, and, (3) a forward grip or barrel shroud. Taken together, these are the design features that make possible the deadly and indiscriminate “spray-firing” for which assault weapons are designed.

Got that?

So, why are all these law enforcement officers carrying these deadly “bullet hoses” around public places on New Year’s eve? So they can “spray fire” the crowds? (Note that many also have the evil baby-killing LE Only collapsable stocks and bayonet lugs. – Do they issue police bayonets these days?)

Didn’t think so.

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