“Only Democrats and Dictators are Afraid of Elections”

So said James Hudnall a while back. To that you can now add Danish Liberals, apparently. According to this uncharacteristically short Steven Den Beste piece:

In her new book, Danish Liberal EU spokesperson Charlotte Antonsen questions the use of referenda as a useful way to build up European democracy.

The book – “Towards the European Constitution” warns that the EU could fall apart if the Danish practise of consulting the people in referenda over important EU treaties is copied by other member states.

“Referenda have a very conservative effect on development. If the other countries copy us, the EU will fall apart”, she writes.

Mrs Antonsen, a member of the Danish Parliament for the ruling Liberal party, argues that representative democracy is just as democratic as referenda.

“Referenda are in fact pure gambling. There is no guarantee of a positive outcome, unfortunately”.

Yeah, that’s about it. If they can’t guarantee the outcome then the proles shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

I’ve said a couple of times that the majority of the populace is too stupid to vote. I don’t think too many people disagree with that. BUT that’s the way the system has developed – and quite honestly, it works in spite of itself, because when given the chance the people say “NO!” more often than they say “Yes.” And this is what Ms. Antonsen objects to:

“Referenda have a very conservative effect on development.”

And this is a bad thing…. why?

Because it isn’t progressive, that liberal watchword that means “whatever we want to try this week.” In Liberal v. Conservative: Both are Necessary, my opponent “John Doe” wrote:

“Liberals have a fundamental faith in the ability of humans to better themselves and act appropriately when the situation calls for it.”

But as Ms. Antonsen illustrates, no, they don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t fear referenda and elections where they can’t guarantee the outcome.

It sounds like Ms. Antonsen and “John Doe” are two peas in a pod.

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