It’s Official!

Ralph “Unsafe at Any Speed” Nader is out to spoil any chance the Democrats thought they had. Again. He’s running for President as an independent. He got a whopping 2.7% of the vote in 2000, but in more than one race his totals were more than the difference between Bush and Gore. I hope the race this year won’t be so tight as to make a Nader candidacy important, but you never know.

“It is an offence to deny millions of people who might want to vote for our candidacy an opportunity to vote,” he said

Well, he might generate “millions” of new “protest” voters, but he’s more likely to draw the Deaniacs and the PETApeople and their ilk who would be inclined to hold their noses and vote DEM.

Meanwhile, I and many like me will hold our noses and vote for Bush, because as James Lileks wrote

Bush is serious about the war. The Democrats are serious about the war against Bush.

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