Last One for a While

And it’s a doozy! Via Instapundit comes a Reason piece about a recent Arizona gathering of morons racists idiots um…. Oh! Yeah! “White Supremacists.” It seems that Arizona was the home of “Aryanfest 2004” (doesn’t that sound like a real good time – sheesh!). However, one of the attendees didn’t quite get the idea:

Aryanfest’s gates opened at noon, and about an hour later, the gathering assemblage gradually hushed as all eyes turned upon the young man who had just paid his entrance fee and was casually perusing the hate-rock compact discs, swastika flags and white power watch caps at Panzerfaust Records’ merchandise booth.

He was in his late teens or early 20s, had a shaved head and sported Nazi and white power tattoos on both arms, in addition to wearing the white tee shirt with bold, black script.

He would have fit in just fine, except for one thing: He wasn’t white. Not even close. There was at least half a cup of KahlĂșa in his cream.

He was also wearing a “WHITE POWER!” T-shirt. Read the whole thing. And the comments. And read the link to the original Phoenix New Times story that covers “Aryanfest 2004” in more detail. (Why does “Aryanfest” make me think of beer in steins and fat men in lederhosen?) Man, those are some sad, sad people.

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