A Liberal I Could Live Next Door To

Though I think he’d be wary of ME. Barry of Inn of the Last Home has written an excellent piece (permalinks bloggered, scroll down to “What to Write, What to Write…”) (Link via Say Uncle) Teaser:

I’m just the average guy who wants to do the right thing and the dutiful thing when voting. Today’s Primary Day in Tennessee. I plan to go to the polls this afternoon after work, and make my choice for Democratic candidate for President.

Trouble is, I’m not sure I want a Democrat as President this time.

In the past, I’ve always considered myself a Democrat, and have mostly identified myself with liberal causes. The Republican mindset has mostly been alien and unfathomable to me.

But things have changed in this past year.

I wrote a couple of pieces about Barry’s position on guns a while back. I accused him, based on his writing, of being mentally unbalanced when it came to firearms, but this piece illustrates beyond a doubt that his logical faculties are quite functional. Read the whole thing.

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