What Happened to “No Guns in Bars”???

This is actually kind of funny, but it seems that a couple of idiots decided to do a drive-by shooting of a bar in Texas, using a .22 pistol and a 1992 Ford pickup. They even made two passes.

Problem was, there were some off-duty Sheriff’s deputies inside having some cold ones.

After the first pass, the officers came out and tried to identify the truck and its license number, but were unsuccessful. So,they wandered back in and sat down, but when they heard the sound of the truck returning for the second pass, they leaped into action!

“By that time the guys had loaded up and said, ‘If he comes back again, forget about it, we’re returning fire,’ ” says Burt Springer, the lawyer representing two of the deputies.

And did they ever. Somewhere around 40 shots’ worth. Investigators reportedly ran out of the little markers used to identify spent shell casings and had to borrow paper cups. Basically, Springer says, the deputies emptied their guns.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but… all the shots missed. The truck was shot up like Swiss cheese, but neither the driver nor the trigger-happy passenger was hit. They were stopped a mile or so later — not because they were driving a truck riddled with bullet holes, but because they ran a red light.

(Deputies do have to keep up their target-shooting qualifications in Harris County, but those tests are not taken in bars.)

(Emphasis in original.)

Well, they do say that alcohol and firearms don’t mix, but it does remind me of this incident where several officers emptied their magazines at a guy attempting to commit suicide by cop. And hit him once. In the shoulder. Googled but can’t find it, and I know it’s somewhere in my archives.

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