“Guns for Me, But Not for Thee” – More Gun Control Hypocrisy

Via SayUncle, it seems that reporter editor Tracey Warner of the Ft. Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette objected to Ohio’s “liberalization” of its concealed carry legislation in an piece last Sunday. At issue is this quote from the story:

Advocates on both sides will find studies to support their positions. Whom to believe? Consider how many stories you read about an armed citizen preventing a crime – and, no doubt it happens. Compare that with the number of stories of people who accidentally shoot someone else, accidentally shoot themselves or purposely shoot someone in the heat of an argument. Common sense suggests that the more guns on the street, the more wrongful injuries and death.

Except it’s obvious to everyone on our side of the argument that the news under-reports incidents of self-defense, but trumpets to the heavens any accidental shooting and every single homicide. Self-defense stories are found on page D-16 of the local newsrags at best, but a child accidentally shot? National news! Tom Brokaw leads with it!

This is known as bias – and it affects “common sense” decisionmaking.

Anyway, the very next day the competing paper in Ft. Wayne, the News-Sentinel published a story entitled Licensed to Carry that listed the names of a few high-profile Indiana residents with concealed-carry permits.

Guess who has one? Tracey Warner! Guess who else?

The Rev. Ternae Jordan Sr., pastor of Greater Progressive Baptist Church and founder of Stop the Violence, an organization devoted to reducing youth violence.

Another example of the elitist “Guns for me, but not for thee” policy.

This story originated at KeepandBearArms.com.

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