New Jersey Strikes Again

This time they crack down on evil imitation firearms. Seems one Robert B. McManus was pulled over for speeding when the officer saw what he thought was an H&K MP5 submachinegun in the back of McManus’s hatchback. The story says:

McManus was immediately ordered out of the vehicle and handcuffed, police said.

Further investigation showed the gun is an imitation firearm used to fire pellets and paintballs.

Ok, I’ll go along with the reaction of the officer. But wait! There’s more!

Police then found a virtual arsenal of other imitation guns that were properly cased.

Police allegedly found an imitation Remington Model 700 sniper rifle with an imitation silencer, an imitation M-16 rifle, an imitation Beretta .9-mm (sic) handgun, another imitation machine gun and an imitation hand grenade.

All of the guns fired pellets and paintballs, police said.

Police said the guns are legal in New Jersey (For now) except under certain circumstances where they are deemed to pose a threat.

A threat? To whom? I imagine the officer drew down on McManus, so he was the one at risk. What was he going to do, put out the officer’s eye?

So, instead of the officer explaining to Mr. McManus why having that piece exposed on his back seat wasn’t such a bright idea, they cited him with “a fourth-degree criminal offense.” I’ve no way of knowing if that “fourth degree criminal offense” is a misdemeanor or a felony in New Jersey.

And note the clever use of “virtual arsenal” in the story. Was it virtually an arsenal, or an arsenal of virtual weapons? And did McManus get to keep his “virtual arsenal” or is it now the virtual property of the State? Those things aren’t cheap.

(Link received from the proprietor of Feces Flinging Monkey.)

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