Spain Capitulates. Poland Fills the Breach

As Spain surrenders to the terrorists and yanks its troops out of America’s unilateral coalition, Poland announces its intention to take up the duties Spain is abandoning, according to this CNN story:

BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) — Poland has vowed not to pull troops out of Iraq because of “terrorist” attacks and said it was willing to remain in command of a stabilisation force there if Spain, which had been due to take over, withdrew.

Spain was due to take command of 9,000 troops in central Iraq on July 1, but that was thrown into doubt on Monday when Socialist Prime Minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said he could bring home the Spanish 1,300 troops currently there.

Poland has 2,400 troops in Iraq and has led a 9,000-strong division of troops from 24 nations in a central-south zone since last September.

“If it is necessary, we will continue leading the multinational division,” Polish Ambassador to NATO Jerzy M. Nowak told Reuters in Brussels. “We are prepared for that even if Spain is not able to fulfil its promise.”

Note Reuter’s use of scare quotes when it says “terrorist.”


I wonder how those 1,300 troops feel about being pulled out of Iraq now that their countrymen have been the victims of these “terrorists”?

Pissed, I hope.

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