Just Got Home, Leaving Again Tomorrow

But boy am I glad to find out that – so far – the AWB is going to die. They still have time before September to try to ramrod an extension or expansion through as an amendment on something critical, but it looks like it’s going to croak on schedule! I’m looking forward to getting a collapsable stock for my AR.

Too bad the lawsuit preemption bill had to die to ensure that, but so it goes. Better luck next year. I hope there are still some manufacturers in business by then.

Kudos to everyone who followed this action so closely for those of us who could not. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance,” and we’ve learned that the hard way. Hooray for the Internet, that allows us almost real-time updates and the links to our elected representatives so we can make ourselves heard.

Anyway, Triggerfinger has an excellent synopsis of today’s events up for anyone who wants it brief and to the point. And use the internal link to see how your Congresscritters voted.

My Senator, Kyl, isn’t too bad. But McCain’s GOTTA go.

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