It’s Over, I Think.

David Baker says:

I will have to agree with your last debate partner and say:

“I think that my position now is actually more liberal (in terms of my approach to gun control) than when we started.”

There are certainly regulations already in place that need to be strengthened by enforcement, and it seems I have much more to learn on the subject. I believe I am on the road to a possible core value change on this subject. (although I still have a usefulness issue with automatic weapons and probably always will. And no, not because they are scary, either. Just without need.)

So you may chalk up another “win” in your column on this issue. You are certainly a formidable advisory (sic) on this issue, and I have really enjoyed myself and learned a lot.

(I think he meant “adversary,” but “advisory” might have been a freudian slip.)

Damn, only thirty some posts and less than a month. I was just getting warmed up!

C’mon, c’mon… another challenger out there? I’m ready!

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