Sorry About the Lack of Posting

I’m still busy as hell at work. Saturday was my IHMSA match (up at 5:30AM, didn’t get home until 5:00PM), and when I got home I did househusband stuff because my wife was over taking care of her parents. (Her dad just got home from the hospital after having 18″ of intestine removed, and her mother has the flu.) I spent the evening surfing the web but not posting because I have been compiling stuff for a piece I’ve worked most of tonight on. I spent the morning doing other husbandly duties, but like I said, I’ve spent this evening writing. I hope to have the piece finished by Tuesday evening. It will be LONG, it appears – Den Besteian in length and tone. (Unfortunately, I don’t do Whittleian effectively, but a man’s got to know his limitations.)

The IHMSA match was a lot of fun, especially afterward. (I shot a match round for the first time in probably two years. I sucked. I’m really out of practice. I missed a chicken for Jebus’s sake.) After the match was over, we let the target setters shoot. They’re all Boy Scouts, and they work the match for $5/hr and tips. They’re collecting money so that their troop can go on a sailing adventure. This was the first time they’d gotten the requisite permission to shoot, so we dragged out our guns and ammo and did a little introduction. I had seven rounds of 7mm Benchrest left and let one of the guys squeeze off all of them. After he’d knocked down a couple of chickens and a pig, I told him “Just so you know, that load is about twice as powerful as a .44 Magnum.” BIG smile. They all got to shoot a .22 competition pistol, and .357 lever-action rifles, too. Two of them shot .44 revolvers. A good time was had by all. We’ll see what the group wants to do next month.

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