An Oversight Corrected

Some time back, Connie du Toit stopped blogging, and I removed her from my blogroll. Well, she started up again, and like an idiot, I forgot to put her back on the blogroll. That’s fixed now.

What prompted recognition of my cranial flatulence, though, was her most recent post on the difference between Europeans and Americans. I am in full concurrance with her conclusion:

In a nutshell, the Euros still choose to be ruled. They even pervert a Constitutional Democracy and surrender individual sovereignty to some body outside their control. They still don’t trust themselves or they don’t want the responsibility.

That is apparently the case for the majority of Europe, and I’m afraid it’s becoming the case here. As Mencken said, “Most people want security in this world, not liberty.”

Liberty takes work. Liberty requires hard choices. Liberty means not being protected by the (smothering) blanket of the State. Societies that give up their liberty can survive, sometimes for a great while, but societies without individual liberty cannot achieve either individual or collective greatness. They are restricted to (at best) mediocrity, and in the end, decay and destruction.

It reminds me of the warning given in Frank Herbert’s Dune: Choosing only the clear, safe course leads ever down into stagnation.

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