Is a Symphony better than a Carnival?

A new blogmeme (is that a word?) has started, the “Best of Me Symphony,” in which blog authors are invited to send in older posts they’re particularly proud of or feel need to be viewed again. This week’s Symphony, the 19th, is hosted by Blogo Slovo, and my entry is first!

The Symphony is the brainchild of Jim Peacock of Snooze Button Dreams. As Jim explains it:

This post compilation meme is structured like the Carnival of the Vanities but concentrates on the best posts from the history of weblogs. Post submission criteria are very simple. The post must be at least 2 months old and the submitter must think it is a very good post. How easy is that?

Easy enough. This is my second entry. The best part of the concept, IMHO, is this:

Note that a post does not have to be submitted by its author so readers and lurkers with or without their own weblogs may contribute.

Perused the archives of someone’s site and found something that knocked your socks off? Forward the link to Jim.

Helluva good idea.

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