Crucifixion Commission to be Formed

April 11, 2004

(The gospel according to Donks)

12 Apostles Knew in Advance

Reuters, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and AP are reporting that the Romans and Jewish leaders are not responsible for Christ’s crucifixion. They claim the 12 apostles had advance warning about this in a dinner meeting they had with Jesus prior to the crucifixion. Calls are now being made for a formal comission to be formed to investigate the events leading up to that day to determine just who knew what and when they knew it. The commission’s star witness is said to be Judas who served with Jesus prior to the crucifixion

Stolen shamelessly from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical who… well, follow the links.)

UPDATE: From the comments at FreeRepublic – “Continuing investigation into the Cross: was it built by Halliburton?”

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