Not Intending to Leave Anyone Out…

My post immediately below was my list – in order – of the first ten sites I visit every day. It’s hardly the only ten sites, and here’s an excellent example of others I frequent. I read SayUncle and Publicola regularly, too – two more “gun bloggers” (there are a lot of us!) Well, via SayUncle I find this post by Nicki over at Publicola’s site. It seems that a British reporter is a bit incensed that Nicki (who posts newslinks on is irate that his stories are being used to illustrate the fact that British gun control is a dismal failure, and has threatened legal action if that practice is not stopped.

Guess he doesn’t understand the concept of a free press.

Go read the links. Amusing and sad at the same time.

It would seem that Greg Truscot suffers from the same cognitive dissonance I described in my post below. Obviously he’s one convinced that weapons are the cause of violence, and if they just try harder at banning them, they’ll all be safer.

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