Oddly, I Feel Much the Same About the Republicans

Instapundit links to an excellent piece by Gerard Van Der Leun of American Digest, entitled The Degeneration of the Democratic Party. Excerpts:

Politics is a profession founded on hypocrisy. This we all know. But, at the same time, we also need a politics that somewhere within it has a shred of uncompromised decency and more than a little courage. Neither of these qualities is self-evident in the Democratic Party today. There’s not a lot in the Republicans either, but it at least is measurable even if it still is in short-measure.


Bush-Hate, racism, calls for the death of Republican cabinet members, snide innuendo, joy at the death of Americans in Iraq, the endless political thumbsucking of the 911 Commission, and there’s more on the way, much more. It’s a tired, sick and crazed political party that is so greedy and hungry for power that it will do anything, including selling this country down the drain, to get it back. I’ll have no more to do with it. I’m not the only one.

Read the whole thing.


UPDATE: Link fixed. D’OH!

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