Remember: Only Four More Days Until BAG Day II!

Aaron reminds us that April 15 fast approaches. Not Tax Day, but Buy A Gun Day II.

I’ve already got mine, the Makarov I bought for my birthday. But if you got something back from Uncle Sugar due to Dubya’s tax cuts, consider picking up something that’ll piss off Michael Moore or Diane Feinstein, or at least get their panties in a bunch. Consider what you have to choose from!

A “Saturday Night Special” (for those of you with less discretionary cash,) an inexpensive firearm like a used S&W Model 10 .38 Special revolver.

A “Pocket Rocket” – for those a bit more well-heeled – a small handgun in a large caliber, like a Kimber Ultra CDP II

For those of you who prefer long guns, how about an “intermediate-range sniper rifle,” as the VPC likes to call them? In this case a Savage 10FP. (Yowsa! I’d like one of those!) or something less pricey, like a standard Model 10 GXP package. Either one will let you “reach out and touch” your target.

Or, for you scattergun enthusiasts, perhaps something for home protection? (Already got mine.)

And, of course, the pièce de résistance (assuming you aren’t willing to wait for the sunset of the AWB) there’s always the option of an FN-FAL, or an AR-15.

And finally, the gun that strikes fear in all those armored-limousine liberals, the mighty .50 BMG rifle! For the budget-minded there’s the single-shot Armalite AR-50, a mere $2,745.00 retail, complete with “Owners Manual, Lifetime Warranty, Tylenol and Ear Plugs.” But no ammo. Or for those who have earned a really good living exploited the downtrodden workers, there’s the semi-auto Barrett Model 82A1, a mere $7,300 retail, and the “weapon of choice” of criminals across these United States. Just ask the good Senator.

Well, there are just a few ideas for you. Now, go forth and shop! The recovery of the economy rests on your shoulders!

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