Another Important Piece

Not written by me. While I essentially take the weekend off for personal reasons, the Geek with a .45 – now happily established in Freedom House in Pennsylvania, having escaped New Jersey – has penned an important piece. In some ways it’s an adjunct to Bill Whittle’s, referenced immediately below.

Some excerpts:

Make no mistake. The presidential election of 2004 is not like any other presidential election, at least in my lifetime. It is a coming watershed. I do not believe it to be hyperbole to state that the future shape of Liberty and the Republic will be decided THIS YEAR.

Unfortunately, the stakes are asymmetrical, and I don’t believe that this dynamic is well understood by all of our community.

While a Bush victory will not open the glorious floodgates of a much longed for Constitutional Restoration, a Kerry victory will put that out of reach for at least a generation.

Two full, consecutive generations who are strangers to undiluted Liberty establish a precedent that will be unbreakable, absent a miracle.

Here is what CAN happen, without violating any axioms of electoral dynamics:

We can get back to the business of being Americans.

In order to do that, we have to finally and fully exit from our Great Digression to the Left. America has harvested every gainful thing to be had from that field; the rest is all weeds and skunk cabbage.

We can defeat Kerry.

If we defeat Kerry, we deal the Leftist infestation of the Democratic Party a great blow, and perhaps even sweep the leftists off the national stage. The Democrats will then have the opportunity to go into a healing remission, hopefully to return as something recognizable as American. It might take more than defeating Kerry to do this, but it’s not going to happen without a Kerry defeat.

We know what the end goal is. 200 years ago, some really smart guys, leveraged the rock solid political philosophy of Locke to hammer out a structure that leaves room for everyone to pursue their lives, liberty, and happiness.

It’s based on libertarian principles of limited and enumerated powers granted to government, with all other rights, privileges, and immunities reserved. With the rotting corpse of slavery dripping all over everything, it’s never really been properly implemented, but by God, it’s worth doing, or die trying. It is the work of a lifetime, of generations; it is our Pyramid; our gift to humanity. It remains to be the best and brightest hope for everyone, and we owe it to all that is or will ever be to give it our very best shot.

There’s a lot of work to do, and no particular map to follow:

-The statists must be defeated, or all is lost and stillborn

-The judiciary must be reigned in and reformed, judicial doctrines foreign to the text of the Constitution must be repudiated and replaced with the Presumption of Liberty

-The electorate must be reintroduced to American civic virtues and principles, to do that, we must recapture public education from the collectivists.

-Public spending must be brought under real control: the government must get out of the retirement planning and health insurance business.

-The hydra of the IRS must be brought to heel.

-Our foreign enemies must be soundly defeated, in the case of Jihadist Islam, and held at bay, as in the case of China.

-The UN must be neutralized, marginalized, and preferably dismantled.

The list is daunting and mighty, but if Kerry wins, there’s no chance of ANY of that happening.

Give it a read. It’s not as long as Strength, but it’s as critical to understand the importance of the upcoming election as it is to understand the importance of our war against Wahabist Islam.

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