Tell Me Again How Democratic Those Democrats Are?

I’ve mentioned the local Lefty rag, the Tucson Weekly a couple of times before, but last week’s issue, which I just scanned through, had a letter to the editor I just couldn’t pass up:

[Op-ed columnist] Tom Danehy is right: President Bush is going to be re-elected, but not because Democrats don’t have it together (Danehy, April 22). They do have it together, but most Americans are too fucking stupid to recognize it.

President Bush will be re-elected because he is a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian. Only 28 percent of Americans believe in evolution, and the other 72 percent believe in divine creation or some such nonsense. President Bush does not believe in evolution but does believe in divine creation. This is why he will be re-elected.

Patrick Bishop

Yup. Most Americans are just too stupid to vote.


That’s a real problem in a democracy, ain’t it?

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