Mike Spenis is on a Roll


First things first:

Nick Berg was not killed because of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. He, like Daniel Pearl, was killed in that particularly grotesque manner because he was Jewish. They will probably do it again, too, when yet another American Jew falls into their hands.

Anybody who was surprised by that video has simply not been paying attention.

You don’t measure your success by how easy the job was. We measure it by how well you’ve dealt with the things that were hard.

With examples!

If Rumsfeld ought to resign over the Abu Ghraib scandal, then Kofi Annan ought to go to prison for the Oil For Food scandal. Humiliating and frightening prisoners is nothing compared to running a billion-dollar protection racket for a man with his own ideas of what ‘wide-scale torture’ really meant.

Read the Whole Thing.

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