More on the Torricelling of Kerry

In today’s Tucson Citizen was an interesting op-ed by Hartford Courant writer Jim Shea. I couldn’t find it on-line, so I’ve transcribed it here. It’s written as a letter to Democrats by Howard Beale – the character from the movie Network. I don’t know Mr. Shea’s political leanings. I scanned a few of his columns and can detect from that quick overview nothing patently obvious, so I present to you now, interspersed with my commentary, his latest column:

Democrats find Kerry is Dull and Void

By Jim Shea May 10, 2004

Dear Fellow Kerry Supporter:

We may have made a horrible mistake.

We may have backed the wrong guy.

Granted, it was difficult to stick with Howard after it became apparent he wasn’t wrapped all that tight, but perhaps we were a bit hasty in jumping on the Kerry bandwagon.

I gather from this that Shea isn’t a member of the moonbat hordes, so this bodes well – but limits the overall impact of the piece.

So far, the Kerry campaign, has all the forward momentum of a Dukakis tank ride.

I rest my case on the moonbat question.

Since sewing up the nomination, the two most memorable things John Kerry has done are go on vacation and have surgery.

A week ago, he went for a bike ride in Boston – and fell off. You tie that mishap together with the shoulder injury he sustained – riding a bus – and Kerry’s just a staircase header away from wrenching the Slapstick in Chief title away from Gerald Ford.

A pithy and accurate observation. This man is no average Democrat.

Besides the walking-and-chewing-gum problem, Kerry is also turning out to be quite the gasbag. He’s one of those people who if you say nice night to him, he wants to explain the cosmos.

I mean, two minutes of listening to Kerry these days and you’re longing for the excitement of a Joe Lieberman foreign-policy speech.

And he has a sense of humor. I’m beginning to smell Republican…

The thing is, we Democrats didn’t endorse Kerry because of his intellect; we got behind him because we thought he would go nose to nose with President Bush.

Now we’re not so sure. Since securing the nomination, Kerry has been whacked around more than Larry, Curly and Moe put together.

What happened to the “I’m a fighter” thing? What happened to “bring it on?”

It’s so bad that Kerry has even let the Republicans get away with criticizing his war record.

It was left to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi to point out that while Kerry was getting three purple hearts, Bush was getting a dental exam.

It was left to Senator Frank Lautenberg to deep-fry Vice President Dick Cheney and the chickenhawks, saying: “They talk tough … but when it was their turn to serve, they were AWOL from courage.”

What Kerry is failing to recognize is that everybody is already Toung Fu fighting and their ads are fast as lightning. And if he doesn’t “bring it on” now, it’s going to be hasta la vista, baby.

There are certainly ample targets of opportunity: Iraq, jobs, taxes, prescription drugs, the possibility Bush may be married to his national security adviser!


The bottom line, fellow Democrats, is this. If Kerry doesn’t show some spunk soon, we should start thinking about nominating someone at the convention who will.

Dean – with the right medication – remains a viable option


Howard Beale

(Still mad as hell.)

I’ve said it before. Kerry is NOT going to be the nominee.

It might not be Hillary, but it ain’t going to be Kerry.

The writing is on the wall. The Democrat cry will be “Anybody but Bush.”

Except Kerry.

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