Because Honor Doesn’t Matter Any More

Steven Den Beste asks in reaction to learning that Moore has lied, once again, and been caught, once again:

Why does anyone believe anything that Michael Moore says, anyway?

Because lying isn’t considered wrong any more. It doesn’t result in public censure. It’s REWARDED, as I said below.

As long as it’s done by someone from the Left, because they only do it in a good cause.

Or so they tell themselves.

If someone from the RIGHT is caught doing anything that has a whiff of mendacity or obfuscation, RELEASE THE HOUNDS! STIR THE OUTRAGE OF THE PROLES! PITCHFORKS! TORCHES!

Remember Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them… A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right?

UPDATE: Steven linked to this. (Thanks!) The internal link in this piece refers to the Micah Wright piece two posts down. Wright, along with Jayson Blair, Steven Glass, and Moore all get a pass. They mean well.

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