I Would Be Willing to Go to Jail for Assault

If I ever meet Ted Rall:

A couple of days ago I linked to this Ted Rall column where he actually said some things I agree with. At that time I stated:

I don’t know how much of what Rall states in this piece reflect his actual beliefs and how much of it is a lie, but given Rall’s history…

But it’s damned disconcerting when someone as foul as Rall states opinions I agree with. I feel like I ought to take a shower and scrub with steel wool.

Stainless steel wool and sulfuric acid.

I’m all for the First Amendment.

If I ever meet Rall, I’m going to demostrate my freedom of expression with a knuckle sandwich.

I live in Tucson, Ted. You’ve got my email address. Drop me a line if you’re ever in town. We’ll do lunch.

(Hat tip Instapundit and Michele.)

UPDATE 5/4: Also via Prof. Reynolds, this absolutely astounding dissection of Ted Rall’s mental state by Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom.

If I had written that (thank Jebus I know I’m not capable) I would have showered with acid and steel wool.

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