OK, ONE More Tonight

It’s another one of those blog memes. What’s your workspace look like?

James Lileks started it. Kim du Toit showed us his (so to speak.) Well, here’s mine, taken with my el cheapo Largan Chameleon Mega camera.

That’s my loading bench off to the left there with my single-stage Lee Challenger press and my Dillon Square-Deal B. In the back corner is the stock for my M48 Yugoslavian Mauser. Not seen further off to the left is my reloading component cabinet where I keep my powder, primers, loaded ammo, range bag, etc. All the bullets, my scales, powder measure & other stuff are in the bench itself. The kiddie gate keeps my grandkids out of the drawers. They got into them once.


It took me awhile to sort out all the different bullets by caliber, weight, and style.

This is in what should be the breakfast area of my house. The shot is taken from the kitchen. I had all my computer and reloading stuff in a spare bedroom, but after my daughter moved home with the grandkids, no spare bedrooms anymore!

They’ve moved out again, but my wife is providing daycare for the kids, so one bedroom is my grandson’s and the other is my granddaughter’s.

And I am relegated to the breakfast area.

But it works.

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