Two States, Two Mountain Lions

A mountain lion was shot and killed by state Wildlife officers on Sunday in a recreational area near Tucson. This is after a local park area nearby was closed for five weeks after two or more cougars were seen near trails there.

Another big cat was shot and killed by police officers in a residential subdivision in Palo Alto, California this morning. There’s video of the shooting.

The small, left-handed, female officer uses a tricked out bullet hose er, assault weapon, um, gun designed only for killing a large number of people in a short period, ah, semi-automatic carbine.

Which has the (LEO-only) collapsable stock, forward vertical handgrip, and EOTECH optical red-dot sight. And 30-round magazine. One shot. (Edited to add: I noticed she didn’t use the “more deadly” “spray-firing from the hip” mode that the pistol grip on the AR-15 “assault weapon” is designed for. Instead she used the “more deadly” aimed fire. I never have been able to figure out how both of those are “more deadly.”)

No information is available on what the Arizona Game & Fish officers used to dispatch the cat here.

Expect an outpouring of outrage from the bunnyhuggers. Expect no comment from Diane Feinstein over the use of the “bullet hose.”

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