Mike Spenis Blogs the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

But it’s a beautiful picture he paints, and there’s much truth in it.

Just remember, Mike, it’s not all chirping birds and fluffy bunnies. As long as we understand that, things will keep improving.

Two generations ago tyranny swept the world. That’s no exaggeration; real, honest-to-god tyranny really did sweep over much of the earth. A generation ago we feared a nuclear holocaust. Now, we fear truck bombs and hijackings. We are in the cleanup phase of the great struggle for civilization, and civilization has won.

We have found the recipe; wealth and trade and freedom. All the big players are either on board now, or grudgingly getting with the program. China remains a vicious place, but it is growing softer with age, threatened less by war then by prosperity growing out of control. Russia now begs to join the EU. Socialism, like some human disease, weakens all that it touches and will gently extinguish itself in our children’s lifetime as the free world leaves it further behind.

Civilization hasn’t won yet. It does look like the inning’s almost over and we’re way ahead, but you discount the too-tight-turban crowd too much, I think. It only takes one asshole to shove a stick through the spokes of progress, and they’re the designated rectums.

Don’t relax too much. Things have a way of surprising us.

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