Too Little, Too Late (I Hope)

It appears that the pressure is on now to renew the Assault Weapon Cosmetic Legislation Ban.

The GOA is reporting that Sen. Diane Feinstein is looking for a bill to which she will attach a renewal amendment, and that’s being covered by Publicola, the Geek, and others.

Meanwhile the Brainless Brady Bunch are sending out recruitment emails – as usual – filled with fear-mongering lies. Reader Ben, a stealth member of “” – a subsidiary of the Bradyacs – was kind enough to send me a copy of their latest list of lies. Let us fisk:

Dear Friend,

If you are going to get involved in renewing the Assault Weapons Ban … the time is now. Congress is in session for only 30 more days before the ban expires later this summer. If the ban isn’t renewed, in most states, new assault weapons will be sold at gun shows without even a background check.

LIE #1 & #2. If it’s new it will be sold by a FEDERALLY LICENSED FIREARMS DEALER – who, by the way, can sell new “post-ban” weapons right now. And all FEDERALLY LICENSED FIREARMS DEALERS MUST run a background check whether they sell the gun at a gunshow or at their shop. So there’s two lies here. Regardless of whether the ban expires, you can buy a new “post-ban” weapon that lacks a few cosmetic features, but you’ll get a background check anyway. Or you can buy a “pre-ban” rifle from an individual sans background check, also regardless of whether the ban expires. Only the price will change.

That means assault weapons could be sold to anyone: criminals, gang members, drug dealers, and terrorists.

And this is different under the existing conditions exactly… how? If the first argument is wrong, this one doesn’t improve it.

Our advertising campaign starts next week and it is crucial that we maintain it throughout the summer. We need your support to renew the ban. We can’t do it alone. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION.

Just a heads-up. And as for that contribution? I wouldn’t piss on you if your head was on fire.

Over 75 percent of Americans agree that the Assault Weapons Ban must be renewed. Every police organization in the country, religious groups, educators and scores of other mainstream organizations agree.

If true, it might have something to do with the way you and groups like you LIE TO THEM. Ya THINK?

In fact, there is only one group in the country in favor of letting the ban end: The National Rifle Association. And so far President Bush is listening to the NRA over every other constituency.

We cannot let this ban expire. Here’s what happens if the NRA wins:

And let’s count the lies, shall we?

1. In most states, eighteen-year-olds will be able to walk into gun stores and buy new American-made AK-47s.

Which they can do RIGHT NOW.

2. In many states, it will be possible to bring concealed TEC-9 assault pistols, loaded with thirty rounds of ammunition, into bars, churches and sports arenas, and even public schools or universities.

Which can happen RIGHT NOW. The “ban” didn’t make the guns go away, it just changed the way they look. All those thirty round magazines are still out there.

Fearmongering like this REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

3. In many states kids as young as 13 will be able to buy brand new American-made AK-47s at gun shows and through the classifieds.

Current FEDERAL LAW, 18 U.S.C. § 922(b)(1), (c)(1), prohibits firearms dealers from selling or delivering a shotgun or rifle, or ammunition for a shotgun or rifle, to any person the dealer knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under the age of 18. Dealers are prohibited from selling or delivering other firearms (e.g., handguns) or ammunition for those firearms to any person the dealer knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under the age of 21. STATE law controls transactions between private parties. As of right now if a 13 year-old has $1,000 laying around he can probably purchase just about anything he wants, if he knows the right people. The AWB DOESN’T ADDRESS THE QUESTION.

More fearmongering.

4. New assault weapons will be advertised over the internet.

Hmm… Bushmaster, DSA, DPMS, and there are a lot more. The product line will simply broaden again. But if you want to BUY one, you still have to go through a FEDERALLY LICENSED DEALER.

5. New rapid-fire ammunition magazines that allow guns to fire up to 100 rounds without reloading will be mass-produced and sold on a cash-and-carry basis to anyone, with no questions or background checks.

Oh Jeebus, I hope so! Standard capacity magazines are way overpriced these days.

Here’s how you can help renew the ban:

1. contribute to our campaign (Bite me!)

2. sign our petition if you haven’t yet (Ditto!)

3. forward this mail to everyone you know (Posted it on my website. Happy?)

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in a past presidential race that he would find it hard to back any candidate who favored repealing the federal assault weapons ban. “Someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues.”

Good thing nobody has to “vote to roll back the assault-weapons ban” isn’t it? All they have to do is just let the useless, irritating thing die a natural death.

More later.

Of that I have no doubt.

Thank you for your support.

No, thank YOU, you morons.

UPDATE 6/5: Publicola reports that Diane Fienstein has introduced her AWB renewal bill, S2498, in the Senate. At first blush it appears to be a simple 10-year extension of the existing cosmetics ban. Co-sponsors are the usual suspects:

Barbara Boxer (CA), Lincoln D. Chafee (RI), Hillary Clinton (NY), Michael DeWine (OH), Christopher Dodd (CT, Jim Jeffords (VT), Frank Lautenberg (NJ), Carl Levin (MI), John Reed (RI), Chuck Schumer (NY), and John Warner of Virginia.

Time to start writing and calling your congresscritters.


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