More Cut-Through-The-B.S. from Orson Scott Card

(Via More Eclipse Ramblings)

Orson Scott Card is an author of a number of science fiction novels, writes an opinion column for The Ornery American, is a devout Mormon, and is a classical liberal – in short, he has nothing nice to say about the Leftists who have usurped the title “liberal” and debased it.

Well, he lays some smack-down on on the Leftist media in his latest column:

The Fanatics Who Tell Us the News

When Fox News Channel was founded by Rupert Murdoch, the consensus was that no startup all-news cable channel could possibly compete with CNN.

And if any startup had a chance, it was MSNBC, which had the combined clout of NBC’s esteemed news division and Microsoft, which in those days was believed to own the future.

Now, about a decade later, Fox News Channel has left both CNN and MSNBC in the dust.

There’s no guarantee that this is permanent, of course.

But it certainly has the Left in a panic. They hated it that American conservatism had any voice at all, back when it was confined to a few radio talk shows — remember how everybody wanted to blame Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk-radio hosts for the Oklahoma City bombing?

I certainly do.

Read the whole piece – It beats the bloody equine corpse of media bias, but is still well worth your time.

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