Lileks Alert!

I listened to a couple hours of Hugh Hewitt’s radio show yesterday.  He’s broadcasting from the DNC, and interviewing various people including quite a few lefties.  Yesterday he interviewed Regis le Sommier, U.S. bureau chief of Paris Match.  James Lileks called in.  The exchange was, um, somewhat heated shall we say?  At least for a Frenchman and a Minnesotan.

Hewitt wrote:

Regis acted towards Lileks as all French diplomats acted towards Bush Administration people throughout the fall of 2002 and the spring of 2003.  It wasn’t pretty, but it should inspire Lileks to some pretty good writing in tomorrow’s Bleat. 

Wednesdays James posts his Bleat! column later in the day, but usually gives us some idea of what’s coming.  Here’s a promise for today’s:

I will post my column to the Strib computer at 1 PM tomorow; my response to Chanticleer will be up by noon Central Standard Time. Short version: suggesting that Chirac was close to Saddam does not mean one works for Fox, you prique. Long version: stay tuned.

I shall, and I recommend you do too.

Update:  As noted in the comments, after the diary commentary, the screediness is excellent!

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