“May Have Some Truth”


SOME truth.  Gee, ya THINK?


Today’s edition of the Tucson Citizen has this little AP blurb on page B-1:

Bush uranium claim may have some truth


WASHINGTON – It was one of the first signs that the intelligence used to go to war in Iraq was wrong: The White House repudiation of 16 words in last year’s State of the Union speech that had suggested Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium in Africa.

Yet even as two recent reports sharply criticized prewar intelligence, they also suggested President Bush’s claim may not have been totally off-base.

A British report concluded that Bush’s statement and a similar one by Prime Minister Tony Blair were “well-founded.” In his speech, Bush had attributed the uranium claim to the British government.

A Senate Intelligence Committee report found inadequate evidence that deposed Iraqi President Saddam had been rebuilding his nuclear weapons program. It cited various reports, however, that Iraq had sought uranium in Africa. Thus, although Bush cited only British evidence that was determined to have been inconclusive, other intelligence files clearly contained other inconclusive evidence of the truth of the claim.

And anybody who can access Instapundit can find every single link they’d ever need to know that it’s COMPLETELY TRUE. 


But bloggers aren’t journalists.




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