If a Police Officer Says It, It Must Be True


Very shortly after I started this blog I did a transcript of an NRA piece exposing a case of a police official, in that case Sheriff Ken Jenne of Broward County, Florida, deliberately misleading a CNN reporter concerning “assault weapons.” 


Here’s another one.

Should gun ban be extended?


The federal law that prohibits the manufacture, sale and possession of semiautomatic assault weapons will expire Sept. 13 unless Congress and President Bush renew the ban.


However, the U.S. House of Representatives has yet to act on a bill to do so, and Congress will recess Friday until after Labor Day.


“I think it’s something to consider,” said U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-6th, of West Pikeland. “I want to see what a final bill would look like.”


One House bill would provide a straight 10-year extension of the assault weapons ban.  Another measure has been introduced that would outlaw more firearms, said Gerlach. 


He added that Congress could vote on the bill when lawmakers return to Washington, D.C., in September.”


Law enforcement feels it’s been effective,” said Gerlach, “so that’s good feedback to have.”


Last week, the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association passed a resolution to encourage Congress to renew the 10-year assault weapons ban that President Clinton signed into law.


East Pikeland Police Chief James Franciscus, who serves as Chester County Police Chiefs Association financial secretary, supports extending the ban.


If the ban is lifted, people will be able to purchase fully automatic weapons, and they will be able to use those automatic weapons,” he said. ”  It could jeopardize the lives of the public or police officers or others.

Gee, that’s what Ken Jenne implied but did not actually say.  (There’s more to the op-ed, but it’s the typical boilerplate “HORRORS!” piece.)


I have a question:  Should people so ignorant of the law be police chiefs?   Or, if he actually knows the law and is lying, should people willing to frighten the public with a non-existent boogeyman be in such positions of power? 


I think not.


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