Francis W. Porretto, Curmudgeon Emeritus, has started his own blog, Eternity Road, and I haven’t added it to my blogroll – until now.

Francis also promises an essay on the topic du jour, Anarchy as a system of government, which should prove as excellent as everything else he writes. From the blog:

For additional confusion, note that all States, large or small, young or old, powerful or weak, are in a condition of anarchy with respect to one another. None of them concedes the inherent legitimacy of any other’s coercive privileges. Their relations are based on the more pragmatic concession of not invading just yet.

Funny, isn’t it? Anarchy, supposed by many to lead inevitably to unacceptable violence and disharmony, appears unavoidable at the inter-State level. But we accept that tacitly, because up to this point, all the alternatives proposed or attempted have been far worse.

Hmmm… I need to think about that.

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